Home Environment

Since computers have been consumer available, I have always had one. Its always nice to get a flashback about coding on a 386dx, getting angry with my mom because she turn it off, as I was half way though coding up an American flag… Or how all the neighbor kids surrounded around one screen to see how blazing fast our new 56k modem rendered pages. But times have change and the passion has grown.

Managing my home setup:

  • IDS – I have always been a fan of opensource and PFSense has been a staple firewall on my network for some time.
  • Truenas – This has been a great network attached storage box.
    • 24 TiB with LSI SAS controller
    • 130 GiB of Ram
    • Xeon processor, so I can get the extra threads for virtualization.
    • This box host 6 VMs running docker to support application availability.
  • Unifi wifi throughout