Multifunction Bot

This is a project that I am very interested in, it combines a lot of aspects together in one project such as hardware design / development, software coding, and building something that automates hours in my life. This is one of those projects that if someone were to build it before I can, send me a purchase link!

Hardware Specs Wants:

  • Tracks instead of wheels for better weight displacement.
  • Ability to pull minimum 400 lbs and tow lawn tractor attachments.
  • Telescoping arm with reach 12′, hold minimum 50 lbs and hold attachments.
    • Edger
    • Brush Trimmer
    • Pole Saw
    • Chemical Sprayer
    • Either Propane burner or laser to mitigate weed control
  • Front loader with the ability to hold attachments.
    • Dual Mower
    • Forest Mulcher
    • Loader Bucket
  • Run time greater than 5 hours.
  • Ability to pilot remotely
  • Hardware and Optic stack to support object detection and actions against those objects detected.

Working on building out the chassis:

A couple of the parts that I have been working on. This contains, tracks, wheel and part of the rear drive system.

I will add more information when I have more time to flush out this site!