XenoCube 3D Printer

This was an amazing project. Building this printer came about because I originally had a Prusa I2, which was a great printer but had many areas that could be improved upon, like the build space. I could not tell you how many hours/lbs of plastic, I put through that I2, and it was great but I had other projects, that required larger solid pieces. So, in true fashion of the 3D printing world, I used the I2 to print the parts for the Xenocube.

Ducting for heatsink cooling.

Building this printer was to provide the following benefits:

  • Build volume size
  • Enclosed to stabilize heat

Adding some features:

  • 24v hotend and build plate
  • Bowden Extrusion
  • Autobed level
  • Raspberry Pi and Octoprint

Designing the printer, was alot easier, just for the simple fact that, rapid prototyping is a lot faster with a 3D printer. Using Sketchup to design the parts and printing them with the I2, resulted in fast turn around if a part needed a correction.

Fully enclosed hotend, metal build plate.

Other Features:

  • Metal build plate with PET film
  • Stainless Drill rods
  • RepRap – All parts are either printable or easily sourced
  • Dual Z axis motors
  • Camera
  • All metal Hotend and extruder

The end result of building this was to increase reliability and functionality of 3D printing for future projects. However, I did test the idea of delivering a product from start to end. This resulted in idealizing a solution, materializing the solution, providing that solution to a large consumer audience. So, I built the printer, tested it, made a platform (XenoCube.com) to sell the parts to print and list of materials to purchase. I had the platform running for a year, to test out the manageability of the stack.

Overall the project was alot of fun. Now the Xenocube is my main work horse for printing and is getting a driver upgrade to silent drivers.